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"In the beginning I did not like dancing"

by Satyasri Devaraju

In this new series titled "Teen Tweets from the Classical Classroom", The Kalaparva engages young students of the classical art forms - both music and dance. early learners of classical art forms share their experience, motivating factors and plans for further pursuance - all in their own adorable and angelic words.

Satyasri Devaraju, a 6th grader of Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, Hyderabad is a student of classical music and dance. This is what she had to say!

Dance for me...
Dance is an artistic way of showing anything example: people, gods, goddess, animals etc. In every dance item there is only one topic. There are dance items where there is no meaning but only patterns and one’s which have only expressions. Dance teaches us morals at the end of some items. Dance is also used as an exercise. There are many types of dances like Bharatanatyam, Kuchipudi, Kathakali etc. I think dance is one of the inspirable art forms of India.

My message about dance to people who want to learn is that it will be hard in the first, but you will love it as you learn it.

Do I like dancing?
First, it was my mom who pushed me to dance or I would have never known what dance is. In the beginning I did not like it. Gradually I started developing interest. Uma Ettigi madam in the U.S was my first teacher. She gave me a great foundation. Now in India I learn under Priya Raman madam. Mam encouraged and guided me to learn and work hard.

Now I feel dance is something very important in my life!

My dance class..
When I reach class, my teacher makes me do stretching exercises. Next I recite the shlokas and do the ‘Namaskar’. I have to do all the ‘Adavus’ (chapters) everyday! My legs hurt, but still I love dancing! My teacher has taught me two items and I recently started my third item. After the whole class finishes, I do ‘Namaskar’ and leave. I always wait for my next dance class to learn more new things.

One thing that I want to tell my friends..
My message about dance to people who want to learn is that it will be hard in the first, but you will love it as you learn it.


Azs said...

Way to go Satya :)

Krishnan Vinod said...

Nice write up - A comment on the topic and slightly off the topic - What is the right age for a kid to start dance classes - Bharat Natyam etc.? I have read some books which seem to suggest that you shouldn't start before age 6 since the kids bones etc are just developing etc.

Princessganjali said...


Priya Raman said...

Dear Mr Krishnan

Thank you for your interest in Kalaparva and the classical arts. 
In my opinion the right age to start with Bharatanatyam would be the age of 6 or 7. This is an age where the child is in a fairly good state of discipline and routine as acquired from the school and so would rightly fit into the discipline to learn a classical art. He/she would be physically fit, would understand the basic concepts and would be reciprocative. In case of children below this age, a lot of factors like their mood swings, physical fatigue, daily routine etc would hamper the method of training. 

Priya Raman

Princessganjali said...

Great Job, Satyasri. I'm Glad!

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